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It is a standing reproach against the educated Bengali that he cannot write in his mother tongue. The reproach has perhaps an application still more forcible in the case of those who receive only an elementary education in the vernacular schools than in the case of their more educated brethren turned out of the colleges. But the Bengali student labours under a serious disadvantage in this respect; there exist no rules for the guidance, none at least which an ordinary teacher is able to prescribes for his study. The compiler of this little primer on Composition has endeavoured to collect in it some rules derived form the practice of the best writers in the language and from his own experience in Bengali composition. He has tried to render it suited to the capacity of beginners and to be as brief as well as clear as possible.

The first chapter of this primer seeks nearly to teach the beginners to form words into sentences and then to collect sentences into little essays. In the second chapter he has explained the existing practice of the best writers under three heads, (1) Correctness, (2) Precision, and (3) Perspicuity. He has entered into an elaborate discussions, but has simply laid down rules easily understood. In the third chapter he has explained the existing practice regarding that particular species of composition, with which, of all others, every person, in whatever rank of life is required to be most conversant—I mean letter-writing, the most useful of all forms of composition. He wished to add a chapter teaching the drawing up of ordinary legal instrument, such as leases and bonds. But he prefers to wait to see the reception which the little work meets with, before adding further to its bulk. The same consideration, viz.—a wish to avoid adding to the size and therefore to the cost of a primer which ought to be in every beginner’s hand, has led him to content himself with a limited number of illustrations and examples under each head. More can be easily supplied by the teacher.

In conclusion he begs to say that this little primer is based on the English model, and that the only two terms used by English writers on the subject which he has rendered into Bengali are Subject (বিষয়) and Predicate—(বক্তব্য)

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